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Build Time: 1 to 2 months

Dimensions: 39-3/4 inches tall, 27-3/4 inches wide

Price: $4,000

Two definitive styles come together beautifully in this generous parlor chair. The chinoiserie fretwork carving on the chair legs and, the organic scroll of the back-splat and crest rail reveal symmetry only achievable by a master. The combination of the two styles illustrates John Kettman’s dexterity as a furniture maker.

It can only be compared to a similar chair by the 18th century artisan Thomas Affleck, which was made for Governor John Penn and is considered a masterpiece.

To the viewer, the most impressive elements appear to be the design and carving, which are truly exceptional. But, to the craftsman creating the chair, the most difficult elements were the numerous hand-cut mortise and tenon joints, which fit together at multiple angles.

The chair is fashioned from Honduran mahogany. Over hundreds of years mahogany darkens, acquiring a nearly black patina. To reproduce this appearance, the chair is finished with oil, shellac, glaze and wax.