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Veneers are thin sheets of wood applied to sub-structures or carcases. On the one hand, carcases are constructed of locally available woods, the most prevalent being pine and oak. While on the other hand, veneers are thinly cut from the lumber of exotic woods like English walnut, ebony and highly figured burl woods.

Veneer can be sheared into paper-thin sheets or sawn into thicknesses as great as one-eighth of an inch. J&J Kettman uses exclusively wood veneers that are sliced or sawn, to most accurately represent the look, figure and texture of traditional antique furniture.

Even in the 17th and 18th centuries, wood was a valuable commodity and solid woods were reserved for tables, chairs and carcases. Veneer makes the most efficient use of this commodity, while still allowing the maximum exterior beauty to be enjoyed by the viewer.