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Our mission is to create furniture with the enduring beauty and craftsmanship achieved by 17th and 18th century master furniture makers.

Our vision is to create traditional furniture based upon existing masterworks. Replicating not just a look, but an internal integrity and spirit to manifest a piece of furniture that will be part of a family collection for hundreds of years, spanning several generations.

Traditional style demonstrates refined taste and heritage. Every room benefits from the addition of even one classic, well-articulated piece of furniture.

Some commercial furniture successfully mimics the look of antique furniture: carved acanthus leaves, ogee moldings, dark woods mottled ostensibly with the marks of wood worm, yet none of it captures the integrity and spirit that makes antique furniture so valuable and highly sought.

The use of traditional hand tools and their accompanying techniques allows J&J Kettman to produce furniture of the utmost quality, and to preserve an otherwise fading craft. In the interest of furthering and advancing the craft of furniture making, one of the tenets of our business is to willingly share methods of production, ensuring that trade secrets are passed on to future artisans.