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Build Time: 6 months

Dimensions: 42 inches tall, 76-1/8 inches wide, 23 inches deep

Price: $40,000 each

Invented in the early 17th century, the Boulle technique of cutting marquetry creates two matched sets of veneers at once. This results in two pieces of furniture that mirror each other in design but are the exact reverse of each other in color – a technique with an increasing relevance in today’s world for its elimination of wood waste.

George Bullock, who is said to have achieved perfection in his marquetry between 1810-1815, originally created a cabinet like this to hold scientific specimens.

Updated for the modern home, these two sideboard cabinets feature drawers with hand-cut dovetails and storage shelves. Both side by side and individually, they demonstrate a striking contrast between deep black Gabon ebony and shimmering blonde tiger maple. Finish is shellac and wax.

Awarded First Place in the Marquetry category, 2008 Design in Wood competition – the largest juried competition for woodworking in the US.